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Wooden decks and fences are beautiful additions to your property. They are also expensive and should be properly maintained in order to best protect your investment. Small decks can easily cost over $5,000 and newly installed wooden fences are above $20 per foot! Maintenance includes regular deck and fence cleaning, mildew removal, and proper protective coatings. Decks and fences that are properly maintained can last well over 20+ years. In addition, a properly maintained deck or fence is a beautiful feature while a deck or fence in disrepair can be an eyesore.

The team at CSRA Spraywash have the proper skill and training to complete deck power washing and staining, fence cleaning services, and complete wood restoration the right way. Our process includes the proper detergents, solutions, correct pressure, and stain or sealant applications. Wood, and wood fibers are porous in nature. This allows for dirt, grime, and unsightly organic growth to become deeply embedded in the wood surface. This creates an unsightly appearance and also ages the lumber faster. More importantly, decks and fences should be properly protected from precipitation and from harmful UV rays. These two factors are extremely damaging and harmful to your home investment.

There are generally two options when addressing deck and fences. The first option is a basic deck or fence cleaning. This process is generally recommended for decks or fences that have an existing, proper coating. Proper coatings create a barrier between the wood and the harmful contaminants mentioned, and allow organic growth to occur on the exterior of the sealant versus within the wood fibers. Stains and sealant also give the deck the desired finish and color to enhance your property.

The second option in treating decks and fences is complete restoration. This process is reserved for decks that are damaged, have worn coatings, or that are just aged and need attention. The steps included are a more intensive deck or fence cleaning and stripping so that there is a new, clean surface to apply a stain or sealant coating. Decks and fences can be coated in acrylics, oils, and water based stains in hundreds of different colors to match your personal preference.

Let the wood restoration experts at CSRA Spraywash help protect your investment from rot and decay! Call CSRA Spraywash for your deck pressure washing service needs, fence cleaning, or wood restoration project today!

 CSRA Spray Wash CSRA Spray Wash
 CSRA Spray Wash CSRA Spray Wash
 CSRA Spray Wash CSRA Spray Wash